Foot Care

"No foot, no horse" is the saying known by riders since the dawn of time. Horsemoi with its Foot Care range allows you to keep your Horse, Pony or Donkey's feet healthy by preserving and fighting infections that affect injured, damaged feet.


Horsemoi offers a range of foot care ointments and care products for the fork and sole.

  1. Among the ointments, it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. Let's take stock together:
  • Horsemoi Blond Ointment, formulated on the basis of laurel oil, cod liver oil and castor oil, nourishes, strengthens and protects the hooves. It promotes the harmonious growth of the foot. The ointment, by its composition, can be used on the seams and cracks of the foot. It is perfectly suited to a dry and/or brittle hoof and is suitable as a moisturizing treatment in dry periods. 
  • Horsemoi Black Ointment, based on the identical components of blond ointment, contains in addition to cade oil and Norwegian tar, with disinfectant and moisture-protecting properties. It is recommended to apply it on the foot and sole when the horse is in the box or in a humid environment. 
  • Horsemoi Egyptian Ointment, on the other hand, is a product well known by riders for fork care. This product was listed in the French Pharmacopoeia. To date, its masterful composition is no longer authorized due to its arsenic content. In Horsemoi Egyptian Ointment, arsenic oxide is absent in the formulation of "Egyptian Ointment". Based on natural honey, copper and zinc salts, Egyptian Horsemoi Ointment has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Its "thick honey" consistency makes it adhere to the surface to be treated. An easy use that cleanses the sick foot and hardens the horn.
  1. With regard to the care of the fork and sole, we propose:
  • Horsemoi Egyptian Ointment mentioned above.
  • The Liqueur de Villatte, on the other hand, is also an "old" product well known to riders and registered with the Codex since 1908. Just like the Egyptian Ointment, it treats the fork. Many variations in its composition make it difficult for riders to find their way around. The explanation is that the pharmaceutical use of the original Villatte Liqueur formula is no longer authorized due to its lead oxide content. Horsemoi Vilatte Liquor is spelled differently, it is modified and therefore does not contain lead. Composed of acetic acid (vinegar), copper and zinc salts, it offers the same cleansing properties as Egyptian ointment, without the sticky appearance of honey but with greater fluidity and penetration.
  • Horsemoi Good'run Sprayvegetable tar in spray formula. It is an antiseptic and drying product that preserves the fork. It is therefore used to maintain the foot, avoiding rotting in a humid environment.  Ready to use, it is easier to handle than conventional Norwegian Tar and penetrates deeper into the cavities to be treated.