Horsemoi Good'run Spray

The Good'run Spray is a simple and effective way to prevent and treat hard-to-reach areas of the fork and sole of the horse's foot in the event of infection or as a preventive measure.

Horsemoi Good'run Spray

Indications of Horsemoi Good'run Spray:

Horsemoi Good'run spray disinfects and dries the fork and sole of the horse's, pony's or donkey's foot. As such, it is used as a curative.

Its preventive use in a humid, unhealthy environment remains possible. It prevents and stops fork rot due to its antiseptic properties and its water-repellent covering power. However, it is preferable to return your Pet to a healthier environment so as not to overly prolong its use.

Composition of Horsemoi Good'run Spray:

Made with Cade oil and Norwegian Tar.

Tips for using Horsemoi Good'run Spray:

Easy to use.

Apply the spray directly to the fork and sole of the horse's foot. For optimal effectiveness, the foot should be clean and the fork well cleaned, free of litter and other stains.

Do not omit the sanitary measures to guarantee your Pet the best possible environment to avoid fork rot: dry litter, renewed on time, pre-dried.

Presentation of Horsemoi Good'run Spray:

Spray bottle of 500 ml.

11,00€ inc. tax

fork rot Norwegian tar sole foot fork horse


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