Mountain Rider Dark Brown Boots Mountain Horse

Top of the range with these authentic Mountain Rider boots all in leather: a timeless look, an ergonomics that is well proven, a sturdiness to all tests, a real comfort for the practice of equestrian sports. Unisex.

Mountain Rider Dark Brown Boots Mountain Horse

Description of the Mountain Rider Dark Brown Boots Mountain Horse :

The Mountain Rider Dark Brown Brown Boots Mountain Horse will seduce you with their excellence: quality of finish, strength, design, safety, ease of maintenance, durability, comfort.

1. First of all, we must mention the technicality of these boots.

The stem is half high. It is made of full grain leather, thick, resistant and brown in colour.

The lining is made of quilted cotton and plaid.

The arch at the base level is metallic, which is well noted under the name Metal Shank under the base. It ensures both the flexibility and the solidity of the boots.

The sole is completely non-slip when walking and has 3 wedge pins to hold the stirrup firmly on the front part of the foot. It is made of one of the most resistant and black rubber, with good damping properties to ensure good grip on the ground. The heel has been specially designed to absorb shocks.

The tip is rounded and reinforced for safety.

A double bead on the upper part of the stem protects the ankle: the outside is made of leather and the inside is made of quilted

The lacing is done by cord above the tongue starting from the bottom and threading from bottom to top gradually through 2 pairs of reinforced metal eyelets, 1 pair of leather loops and 2 pairs of metal rings.

A leather loop on the back of the upper part of the stem allows you to slide a boot puller hook to help you put it on.

A spur support completes the set.

The structure of the boots and correct lacing ensure a secure support of the ankle in order to avoid possible sprains or even fractures.

The boots were treated during their manufacture with waterproofing agents.

2. The design of these boots and its top-of-the-range manufacturing and finishing result in the qualities that every rider seeks for his equestrian equipment.

They keep feet warm and dry for the rider's comfort.

Elegant and timeless, they go perfectly with leather-coloured chaps or other chaps according to taste.

The boots are strong and if the horse accidentally steps on your foot, it shouldn't be a cause for major concerns. This is an asset not to be neglected for your safety.

The Mountain Horse brand logo is made of metal on the outside neighbourhoods and at the level of the sole. It is also affixed to the top of the flap. The Mountain Rider Dark Brown Boots Mountain Horse offered on the website are indeed original. As such, they are a great classic in the Moutain Horse Philosophy: the "Most technical riding wear".

"Good clothes and good footwear are like good friends." The concept of the famous Swedish brand is "Function, Quality and Good Design". "When you put on a garment from Mountain Horse, it is most likely you will discover a new friend and not just an acquaintance".

Composition of the Mountain Rider Dark Brown Boots Mountain Horse :

Full grain leather 100%.

Maintenance tips for Mountain Rider Dark Brown Boots Mountain Horse :

Remove soil, sand with a soft brush. If necessary, wipe with a damp sponge. Then apply Magic'Baume from the Leather Care range by Horsemoi with a soft cloth.

It is strongly recommended, as with all leather, to let the Mountain Rider Dark Brown Boots Mountain Horse dry in a sheltered place and keep them away from a heat source.

It should be noted that Mountain Rider Dark Brown Boots Mountain Horse can be used as is at first use without further treatment.

Size of the Mountain Rider Dark Brown Boots Mountain Horse :

Unisex, adult, adolescent.


USA 3 1/2 W5

UK 3 1/2


125,00€ 115,00€ inc. tax

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