Summer Scabies range Horsemoi

Recurrent Equine Summer Dermatitis

Recurrent Equine Summer Dermatitis

Recurrent Equine Summer Dermatitis is more commonly known in France as “Gale d’Eté”, literally “Summer Scab”. With its "Anti-Summer Scabi" Care, Horsemoi gives you:             


  1. effective preventive solutions against RESD. or "summer scab" and other stinging insect abuse through its SAGE brand, Anti Recurrent Equine Summer Dermatitis Care.  You will find there:
    1. A shampoo the SAGE Red 
    2. A "tail and mane" balm,SAGE Yellow 
    3. A conditioner SAGE Green.

These preventive products are based on plant extracts and essential oils with insecticidal and repellent properties. This is indeed a preventive measure: The balm, for example, can be used if the horse stays in the meadow.

  1. a curative suggestion with the GAPRO7 solution available in two formats. It is a formulation of veterinary origin to be used according to the recommendations of the protocol indicated on the vial. The treatment is intended for horses already suffering from Recurrent Equine Summer Dermatitis.
  2. Horsefly Away is easy to use when riding to protect you and your horse from attacks from horseflies and other biting insects.