Horsefly Away by Horsemoi

With Horsefly Away, the Horse smells good, the flies go away! A true anti-insect “equine eau de toilette”, essential companion for your walks.

Horsefly Away by Horsemoi

Indications of Horsefly Away by Horsemoi:

Horsefly Away by Horsemoi is an effective repellent against horseflies and other insects thanks to the essences of Java Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Pine and Niaouli oils. The latter also make it superbly fragrant. It is the naturally anti-insect “Equine Eau de Toilette”.

Your companions are protected and relieved. You are comforted and reassured. More serene are the walks!

How to use Horsefly Away by Horsemoi:

For optimal and long-lasting effectiveness, it is recommended to shampoo your Companion with Shampoing Dolce Ricin by Horsemoi beforehand. Indeed, the odours of perspiration or various stains on the hair could replace the repellent action of the essences.

Precautions for use of Horsefly Away by Horsemoi:

Avoid mucous membranes, eyes, nasal passages.

Presentation of Horsefly Away by Horsemoi:

500 ml spray bottle.

10,20€ inc. tax

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  • N°4 Shampoing Dolce Ricin by Horsemoi

    Shampoing Dolce Ricin by Horsemoi with plant active ingredients and Castor oil strengthens and nourishes the horsehair. It keeps insects away. It is easy to use. For frequent use.

    7,80€ inc. tax

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