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We present you Horsemoi our range of natural horse care products.
Founders of Horsemoi, passionate about our pets, we have been active in the formulation and sale of cosmetic and parapharmaceutical products for horses, dogs and cats for over thirty years. Since then, we have chosen to sell directly as a manufacturer, probably because we share with fervour and sinceritythe same passion as you.

 Our mission is to ensure the well-being of your dear walking companions for your optimal tranquility, as if they were our own. To do this, we apply our scientific expertise to the development of high quality, natural care products.

Our commitments respect a quality charter:

  • Your well-being and that of your companion
  • The most natural composition possible
  • Ease of use of the products
  • Effectiveness
  • Security
  • Respect for the environment
  • The best price