Riding gloves MTC Mallow

Timeless gloves for leather enthusiasts. Flexibility, robustness, durability and elegance.

Riding gloves MTC Mallow

Description of the Riding gloves MTC Mallow:

The Riding gloves MTC Mallow are all-leather fitting gloves for winter and bad weather. The natural and noble material of leather gives them strength and resistance. These are gloves made to accompany you and last in your life as a rider. These are gloves that breathe naturally like the skin.

As they are worn, the glove Riding gloves MTC Mallow fit perfectly into the rider's hands and become personal thanks to the softness of the leather.

The glove is held at the wrist by a velcro and a buckle. The wrist is elastic.

A V-shaped topstitching on the back with a topstitching in the centre of the V contributes to ensure the solidity of the glove but also to its elegance.

A good reinforcement at the level of the index finger strengthens the grip of the reins.

Color of the gloves Riding Gloves MTC Mallow: 


Size and measurements of Riding gloves MTC Mallow :

Size: Lady S


Benchmarks on the diagram


Width of the wrist by pulling the elastic to the maximum


10 cm

Wrist circumference by pulling the elastic to the maximum

2 x A

20 cm

Length of the glove from the bottom of the wrist to the top of the middle finger


24 cm

Width of the hand at the widest point


10 cm

Turn of the hand to the widest point

2 x C

20 cm

Length from middle finger to root


9,5 cm


Maintenance tips gloves Riding gloves MTC Mallow:

As with all leathers, the first principle is not to harm it by using inappropriate products to avoid weakening it. The second principle is to do everything possible to keep it healthy like our own skin, use safe and natural cleaning products as natural as possible, properly, to allow it to breathe and avoid hardening. 

It is essential to preserve its flexibility for its beauty and to ensure in the safe sense of the word also your hands in the firm hold of the reins. We recommend the Magic'Baume from the range Leather care of Horsemoi for the care of your gloves.

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  • Condition : new
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  • Manufacturer : MTC

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