Leather Care Range Horsemoi

Leather Care Horsemoi

Leather is a noble natural material that must be treated with care and consideration. Horsemoi offers you with Leather Care an original and high quality know-how for the renovation, maintenance and restoration of your leather. Our products guarantee the longevity, beauty and health of your leather.

Our Horsemoi Leather Care range is made up of 4 products which cover :

1. Leather cleaning and preparation with Net'cuir. 

Net'cuir cleans and degreases leather in use, such as reins after using horsehair detanglers that leave residues of detanglers on the reins. This prevents the reins from slipping in the hands and improves the grip.

Net'cuir can also be used to degrease dirty leather before re-greasing, such as upholstery leather, boots and shoes, leather seats in cars and motorbikes...

2. Deep oiling with Oxforn Oil, Castor oil and Lanolin

Oil of Oxfeet, Castor oil and Lanolin makes the leather supple and gives it a pleasant touch.

It is suitable for hardened, horny leathers and leathers that need to regain their original suppleness, for example because they are impregnated by the horse's perspiration or by care products.

It can be used to oil saddle quarters, boots, bridles and other equestrian articles.

3. Lubrication of equestrian articles with Graisse Cuir.

Leather Grease protects the dermis of the leather.

It is used for leathers in use but also for leathers to be stored before their next use (winter season). The grease protects the leather from the horse's perspiration and from weather conditions that can damage the leather, such as rain and sun.

4. All in one" with Magic'Baume.

Its use is versatile both in the equestrian field (saddle, seat and quarters in contact with the trousers) and in domestic use (leather clothing, leather lounge, motorbike seat, car seat).

It protects the leather and restores its shine without leaving a greasy film on the surface. It is recommended for leathers intended for contact with clothing such as white competition trousers.

Magic'Baume has been tested and approved by the renowned HERMES Saddlery in Paris.

Nota bene: We would like to draw your attention to the proper use of leather products such as those offered on our site: leather garments or other articles made of suede, turned leather and nubuck are not compatible with oil and grease. If in doubt, it is strongly advised to treat a small, inconspicuous area of your leather beforehand to check compatibility.