Horsemoi Vilatte Liquor

The improved formulation of Horsemoi Vilatte Liquor effectively protects, firms and disinfects the damaged or rotten horse's fork.

Horsemoi Vilatte Liquor

Indications of Horsemoi Vilatte Liquor:

Horsemoi Vilatte Liquor firms and disinfects the fork. 

Composition of Horsemoi Vilatte Liquor:  

Its improved formula, without Lead, minimizes the risk of toxicity. It contains Zinc and Copper salts, Acetic Acid, disinfecting vegetable essences that ensure its effectiveness.

Presentation of Horsemoi Vilatte Liquor:

Bottle 500 ml or 200 ml.

The 200 ml bottle is equipped with a cannula. This small format is sometimes sufficient depending on the infection and remains convenient for travel.

How to use of Horsemoi Vilatte Liquor:

Above all, it is essential to clean the sole and fork thoroughly with a foot pick, brush them and dry them as well as possible. 

Fill the median and lateral gaps, i. e. in the middle and on either side of the fork, by hand and foot pick with cotton. Then soak the cotton wools previously placed in place with of Horsemoi Vilatte Liquor. 

For ease of use, it is preferable to place the dry cotton as described above, then only after soaking it in of Horsemoi Vilatte Liquor. If necessary, a bandage around the horse's foot is used to hold the dressing in place.

Renew the "wicks", i. e. the cottons, daily until the condition of the fork has improved significantly.

The environmental humidity and the lack of hygiene favouring the rot of the fork, it is necessary to accompany the application of Vilatte liquor with additional sanitary measures to the type of dry litter, regularly renewed, dry meadow.

Precautions for the use of Horsemoi Vilatte Liquor:

The use of Horsemoi Vilatte Liquor is reserved for strict external veterinary use only.

Do not swallow.

The use of gloves is recommended.

Wash with water after skin contact.

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12,90€ inc. tax

20,00€ inc. tax

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