Horsemoi Black Ointment

Horsemoi Black Ointment is a highly protective black grease to be used in damp conditions that promote the decay of the horse's foot. It allows the harmonious and healthy growth of the foot.

Horsemoi Black Ointment 

Indications of Horsemoi Black Ointment:

Horsemoi Black Ointment is a black grease based on vegetable tar to preserve the feet of horses, ponys or donkeys in damp conditions. It protects the hoof from rot and promotes harmonious growth by nourishing and strengthening the foot.

It is suitable for daily use when the horse's environment is wet: wet meadow, rainy weather, horse guarding the box.

Composition of Horsemoi Black Ointment:

Cod liver oil, laurel oil, various vegetable oils (castor oil and sweet almond), cade oil, vegetable tar and petroleum jelly.

This treatment formulated for Equidae does not contain any doping substances.

Tips for using Horsemoi Black Ointment:

Apply daily the ointment with a brush to the foot of the horse, pony or donkey. It can be used on the hoof and on the sole as well.

It is advisable to store the product in a temperate place. Indeed, the paste hardens if it is cold and on the contrary softens when it is hot.

Presentation of Horsemoi Black Ointment:

500 ml pot.

7,00€ inc. tax

  • Condition : new
  • Supplier : QAC
  • Manufacturer : QAC

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