Horsemoi Egyptian Ointment

The improved formulation of Horsemoi Egyptian Ointment gently protects, firms and disinfects the damaged fork of the Horse, Pony or Donkey.

Horsemoi Egyptian Ointment

Indications of Horsemoi Egyptian Ointment:

Horsemoi Egyptian Ointment is a powerful care balm to firm and disinfect the fork. It hardens and effectively protects the damaged fork of the horse's foot. The latter is subjected to severe stress with soiled litter, ammonia released by urine, humidity and bacteria from the environment, various traumas, weather conditions sometimes not conducive to his health.

Deontologically and according to our conviction, it is not advisable to use it as a preventive measure, it would be perfectly useless on a healthy fork, contrary to what some sites recommend which have more love of business than of the Horse. The Horsemoi team does recommend Egyptian Ointment for healing purposes. When the fork is healed, it needs to live without treatment and keep its flexibility. It's not a bone.

The result is quickly visible anyway.

Composition ofHorsemoi Egyptian Ointment:

Natural honey, copper salts and zinc salts.

Tips for usingHorsemoi Egyptian Ointment:

Brush and clean the horse's foot thoroughly, remove all dirt. 

Using the cannula, available on the cap of the bottle, or a brush if necessary, introduce the Egyptian Ointment into the cavities of the rotting fork. Use Horsemoi Egyptian Ointment daily to treat the Horse, Pony or Donkey fork for a minimum of 4 to 5 days until healed.

If necessary, it may be useful to stuff the cavities, after application of the Egyptian Ointment, with cotton to hold the product in place. As soon as improvement is achieved, space applications 1-2 times a week until the range is completely firmed.

Precautions for use ofHorsemoi Egyptian Ointment:

The use of Horsemoi Egyptian Ointment is reserved for strict external veterinary use.

Do not swallow.

Gloves must be worn when applying the product.

Wash with water after skin contact.

Presentation of Horsemoi Egyptian Ointment:

200 g bottle with integrated application cannula.

It is advisable to store the product in a temperate environment. In too cold an environment, it will be solid and will not sink.

18,00€ inc. tax

  • Condition : new
  • Supplier : QAC
  • Manufacturer : QAC

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