Villate Liquor

By On 06/12/2019

Letter to the editor: Response to Emmanuel.
"Why don't you offer Villate liqueur spray?"
Good evening, first of all, thank you to Emmanuel for this question.
Like any spray, spraying a product on a solid surface, in this case the horse's foot, sends droplets of the product back to your face, thus your eyes and nose. A spray can trigger tears, coughs, allergies.
The copper sulphate and zinc sulphate used in Villate liquor are not harmless in terms of respiration. They are effective, but reserved for topical use, therefore for strict external use and should be handled with care.
We make sure that our products can be used by everyone. It is not possible for us to present a form that could harm the health of the rider, in an immediate or long-term effect. We do not forget that the users are sometimes very young riders or novices in horseback riding. Horseback riding must remain a pleasure for all.
"As for the lead acetate in the original formula, you don't use it?"
Indeed, Emmanuel, the Liqueur de Vilatte, formula and spelling modified by Horsemoi does not contain any and is no less effective.
The news speaks enough about the toxicity of lead in many cases, such as the Notre Dame de Paris fire, an explosion in a chemical plant and lead dumping. In France, lead pipes are no longer allowed, lead poisoning has therefore disappeared, and the water that passed through lead pipes unknowingly contaminated the population.
The delivery of Liqueur de Villate as it appeared in the French pharmacopoeia was subject to medical prescription, which also reveals the harmfulness of the product. We naturally pay tribute to Villate Jean-François Veterinary in charge of the King's stables at the Restoration, then during the July government, then those of the Emperor who is at the origin of the original formulation and who gave his name to the Liqueur.
At the end of 2019, all research must be carried out with as little harmfulness as possible, as much efficiency as possible and as little environmental pollution as possible. Our Liqueur is available without prescription, effective and respects your health, that of your horse and that of the environment.
In conclusion, we insist on the fact that the horse and donkey must have dry feet. Fork rot is favoured by a moist environment conducive to bacterial growth. It is necessary to accept not to put in wet meadow the horse, the donkey, the time of the cure and to ensure him a clean and dry litter.
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Jack Horsemoi