N°4 Shampoing Dolce Ricin by Horsemoi

Shampoing Dolce Ricin by Horsemoi with plant active ingredients and Castor oil strengthens and nourishes the horsehair. It keeps insects away. It is easy to use. For frequent use.

N°4 Shampoing Dolce Ricin by Horsemoi

Indications of Shampoing Dolce Ricin by Horsemoi:

Shampoing Dolce Ricin by Horsemoi is a gentle shampoo with plant extracts and castor oil for horses, donkeys and ponies.

- Castor oil, well known for its cosmetic properties since ancient times, promotes the growth of horsehair and strengthens it.

- Geranium and Patchouli essences keep biting insects away, which are responsible for periocular irritations and various types of dermatitis that are very unpleasant for the animal.

Shampoing Dolce Ricin by Horsemoi is used to clean the hair of the Horse. 

It has the advantage of removing impurities without altering the natural fats in the hair.

It is easy to apply.

Gentle on horsehair and hands, it prepares for brushing and gives volume, suppleness and shine to horsehair.

The absence of toxic agents allows its regular use and is a guarantee of safety for the owner and his horse. It is the essential part of the grooming box to keep the horse clean. 

Its insect repellent action will be prolonged by the use of Brillance démêlant by Horsemoi and Horsefly Away by Horsemoi, an insect repellent spray.

Presentation of Shampoing Dolce Ricin by Horsemoi :

500 ml bottle.

How to use Shampoing Dolce Ricin by Horsemoi:

Dissolve in a bucket of warm water the equivalent of 4 tablespoons of Shampoing Dolce Ricin by Horsemoi. Wet the horse's hair with a sponge or brush. Massage in small circles until a stable and light foam is obtained. Scrape with a heat knife to remove dirt and rinse with warm water. Scrape again to dry it. 

Avoid eyes and nostrils as we would do for ourselves.

7,00€ inc. tax

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