N°2 Brillance by Horsemoi

Brillance is a hair conditioner for horses, donkeys and ponies designed to strengthen the tail and the mane. It gives them health and shine. It is a fragrant health and beauty treatment of the hair.

N°2 Brillance by Horsemoi

Indications of Brillance by Horsemoi:

Brillance by Horsemoi is the health and beauty conditioner for horse hair, mane and tail. It feeds them, it strengthens them. It makes them shiny.

Description of Brillance by Horsemoi:     

- Geranium essence has a beneficial effect through its parasiticidal, antiseptic, purifying and anti-squamous properties and gives shine to the horse hair, tail and mane.

- The essential oil of Lavender Aspic, in addition to its pleasant fragrance, provides your horse with anti-infective, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and soothing protection against insect bites that cause Summer Dermit or Summer Scabies. For a specific Anti-Summer Scab Care, refer to our "SAGE" product range.

- Castor oil, well known for its cosmetic properties since Cleopatra, promotes the growth of horse hair, tail and mane and strengthens them.

Presentation of Brillance by Horsemoi:

Spray bottle of 500 ml.

How to use Brillance by Horsemoi:

Coat the tail and the mane with detangler using the spray gun.

If your frame is afraid of the spray noise, we advise you to soak a sponge with the product to coat the hair, the tail and the mane. Then, you can very easily untangle, brush and comb the tail and the mane.

8,50€ inc. tax

  • Condition : new
  • Supplier : QAC
  • Manufacturer : QAC

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