Magic'Baume for leather by Horsemoi

Magic'Baume by Horsemoi is the "3 in 1" that takes care of all your leather: it cleans, softens, restores shine to the leather without effort, for a long time. Magic!

Magic'Baume by Horsemoi :

Indications of Magic'Baume by Horsemoi :

Magic'Baume Horsemoi is extra gentle for the care of leather, seats and stools. This oil/water emulsion restores life to old leather, damaged leather and faded leather. It can be used on leather clothing in general, rider clothing, gaiters, chaps, saddles, straps, harnesses, leather clothing for the general public, motorcyclists' clothing, boots, leather gloves, leather bags, leather seats, leather armchairs.

The plus of Magic'Baume by Horsemoi are:

its "3 in 1" action which allows you to clean, nourish and shine the leather in a single step.

Colorless, it respects the color of the leather.

It does not leave grease on the surface.

Tips for using Magic'Baume by Horsemoi :

Dust off the leather to be treated beforehand.

Apply Magic'Baume with a damp sponge or a soft cloth to the leather.

Massage in with circular massages.

Then polish with a dry cloth.

Precautions for using Magic'Baume by Horsemoi :

Do not use it for suede or nubuck.

If in doubt, test the product on an inconspicuous surface.

Presentation of Magic'Baume by Horsemoi:

500 ml bottle.


12,50€ inc. tax

  • Condition : new
  • Supplier : QAC
  • Manufacturer : QAC

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