Dafna country rubber stable shoes

Lightweight waterproof stable shoes that keep your feet warm. Ideal for winter.

Dafna country rubber stable shoes

Description of Dafna country rubber stable shoes:

Dafna country rubber stable shoes protect the feet from cold and humidity. They are waterproof and perfect for working outdoors or walking in rainy, snowy, muddy conditions.
The shoe is lightweight and waterproof, molded in a high-tech synthetic rubber that remains flexible down to -30°C. 
The lower black part has an overmoulding imitating a green braid at the junction with the footing 
and decorative overmouldings go on the shelf at the kick to the toes.
The outsole, made of thick, non-slip rubber, has been specially designed for the rider. It is equipped with an aluminium foil to insulate the heat from the foot inside.
The stem is made of high performance polyester coated on both sides. It imitates suede and contrasts with its tan colour;
A soft padding in the ankle area provides more comfort while allowing the ankle to be properly supported.
Inside, the lining is warm and soft. It is in fact a removable 6 mm thick sock made of 50% wool and 50% polyester felt.
The closing tab is on the outside green and inside in plaid quilted identical to that of the sock.
The shoe is closed by lacing from bottom to top with a green cord through two pairs of reinforced eyelets and two pairs of hooks at the top.
The brand and model name is clearly visible at the top of the tab on the outside. 

Composition of Dafna country rubber stable shoes:


Care instructions for Dafna country rubber stable shoes:

It is advisable to aerate the sock after use to maintain its performance.
The sock is machine washable at 30°C.
Dry it in the open air.

Size and color of the Dafna country rubber stable shoes:

Size 42.
Tricolour: black, green, tan.

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  • Manufacturer : Dafna

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